The Billy G.O.A.T. Wedge 7075 Aerospace Aluminum

The Billy G.O.A.T. Wedge is the most innovative Firefighter Wedge available. At only 7 ounces, this tool has multiple uses that can help Firefighters every tour they work. The Billy G.O.A.T. Wedge 7075 is made of the Highest Strength Aerospace Grade Aluminum (Same aluminum used on Fighter Jets) making it the highest strength to weight ratio wedge on the market. This is the premiere forcible entry wedge. 

  • Easily marries to the pike of a Halligan Tool
  • ”t” shaped holes allow leverage from multiple angles using the pike of a Halligan
  • Brunt tip gives the wedge more strength at the tip but slim enough to force doors
  • Notch cut allows the wedge to perfectly balance on a hinge so that it does not fall out during an advancing hoseline or as people are fleeing
  • Notch cut works as a door “de-hinger” by sitting on top of the hinge as you slam the door causing the door to rip off the hinges
  • Notch cut works as a gas shut off tool
  • Two Versions of The Billy G.O.A.T. Wedge are available both in the same design

Patent Pending 

Made in USA

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