Firefighter Rescue Webbing with Canvas Bag - Hasty Harness w/ Arm Loops Length - 30 Feet

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When it comes to unbeatable strength in the nylon webbing category, there is no better choice than tubular nylon webbing. This strong and versatile product has hundreds of uses. Soft and pliable, it is easy to tie and untie, even after it has been under great pressure for long periods of time.
This 30 Foot section of 1” Tubular Nylon Webbing is meant for creating hasty harness’ with arm loops or patient packaging to a backboard and many other uses.

The Breakdown for length needed is as follows:

Hasty Harness: 24’

Hasty Harness with Arm Loops: 30’

Patient Packaging to a Backboard: 30’


Strapworks 1 Inch Tubular Nylon Facts

  • Thickness of 0.09 of an inch
  • Breaking strength of 4000 pounds
  • Melting point of 380 degrees Fahrenheit


  • 30’ of 1” Tubular Webbing
  • 1 Firefighting Tools of Babylon Corp Canvas Bag

Canvas Bag with Webbing easily fits in any Bunker Coat Pocket

To Repack in Canvas Bag, find the center point of webbing and roll each end towards center point to create 2 smaller rolls. Fits tight.