Firehouse/Station Pack of 20 In&Out Firefighter Swipe Tools

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This is the NEW In&Out Firefighter Swipe Tool. It can be used on both inward AND outward opening doors and weighs less than an ounce.

The In&Out Firefighter Swipe Tool is an alternative way of gaining access without causing damage. Created by an FDNY Firefighter, The In&Out Firefighter Swipe Tool's design allows for more versatility and flexibility than a traditional shove knife.
This tool works on slam locks and knob locks that you would find on both inward and outward opening apartment/house entry doors, it does not work on deadbolts. The high-strength, bendable Mylar allows this tool to wrap around the door with ease allowing quick access to those in need of help.
Practice makes perfect.

Quicker entry, less destruction
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