Gap GOAT System - Mini Forcible Entry Wedge and Kong Frog Carabiner

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Introducing the Gap GOAT! 

The Gap GOAT is used to gain the initial purchase on a door when operating alone. Great for the OVM in the rear of a commercial, or the Roof firefighter trying to gain access to the bulkhead. EXTREMELY lightweight, the entire system weighs 3 ounces. The Gap GOAT is married to the Kong Frog Carabiner. Kong Italy is one of the leaders in carabiner technology and they created this amazing 25kn quick connect carabiner. The Gap GOAT was specifically designed to attach to the Kong Frog. Comes with a key ring to attach to the front of your turnout coat or anywhere else you want to keep it. 

The wedge measures 3.5”x.5”x1”