Multi Purpose Webbing Kit - Firefighter Rescue Tool

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The MPW webbing system can be used as a traditional webbing loop with girth hitch or simplified by attaching the Kong Carabiner directly to a drag strap for Firefighter removal. Removing the loop from the Carabiner creates a 22‘ haul line. This can be used to haul tools and hose lines to elevated positions.

The design allows the combination of 3 MPW units to produce a 66’ haul line capable of reaching the upper floors and roof of many buildings. This can facilitate hose line placement and tool retrieval. By removing the loop from the Carabiner a personal search rope can be created with double action locking ability. This Multipurpose Webbing can be combined with other MPWs to create a longer search rope without a return trip to the apparatus.The MPW can also be used to search off of a standard search rope.

- Breaking Strength of 3200lbs (Lab Tested)

- Tag Line

- Door Control Strap

- Hose Strap

- Leash for Displaced Pets

- ETC.

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