Upgraded Firefighter PEAK Bundle (Personal Entry Assist Kit) - Iron's Man Kit

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The Upgraded PEAK Bundle (Personal Entry Assist Kit) Includes a Billy G.O.A.T. Wedge 7075 (Strongest Forcible Entry Wedge Available), In&Out Firefighter Swipe Tool (for inward and outward opening doors), Firepik (2022 version) and Bungee in a Firefighting Tools of Babylon Corp Canvas Bag. This kit is perfect for any firefighter because it covers most areas of forcible entry.

"Try before you pry"

For inward opening doors, first try the In&Out Firefighter Swipe Tool. If you hit the deadbolt, get ready for traditional forcible entry and grab your Billy G.O.A.T. Wedge 7075 and take the door by yourself.

For outward opening doors, use the FirePik to gain access or the In&Out Firefighter Swipe Tool. For commercial doors, use the wedge side of the FirePik to easily gain access. 

The Entire Kit only weighs 10 ounces and easily fits in your Bunker Coat Pocket

Made in America